2011111601474 Projector

Some of our newer visitors expressed an interest in the 2011111601474 Projector. Many choices are available to fulfill your audio video needs and this equipment could certainly be one of them. This site is created to help you make the best choice and find the 2011111601474 Projector at the best price. At the top of the listings will be the auctions and sales that are ending soonest. When you see a good price here, you have a good chance of winning the auction with a quick last minute bid before anyone has a chance to notice.

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While browsing the many projectors on this site, you may want to consider a few of the specs discussed in detail elsewhere on projectorselect.com. Here's a quick definition for you.

LCD or Liquid Crystal Display is a projector technology that sends light typically from a metal halide lamp through a prism which separates the light into red, green and blue. Each of these colors are sent to their very own LCD panels whose pixels open or close to allow light to pass through according to the video signal.

Advantages of LCD projectors over DLP models include higher and richer color saturation, sharper video and less light loss. LCD projectors tend to be more portable.

Some disadvantages of LCD projectors compared to DLP include lower contrast ratios, (the blacks and thus the contrast is not as deep on LCD as typically found on DLP); Some gamers find that the fast action and motion is actually smoother with a high quality DLP projector as well.


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