The modern Digital projectors both LCD and DLP represent new standards of quality that would be almost unimaginable in a projector only 10 years ago. From even the most basic SVGA (800x600) resolution up to ultra high definition UXGA (1600 x 1200) these modern day multimedia powerhouses are not your grandpa’s old slide projector.

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It wasn’t long ago that home theater enthusiast were paying 5 figure sums to purchase line doublers and other equipment to enhance the 400 to 540 lines of resolution that was then state of the art. Now with HD 1080p resolutions that could only be imagined and previously unthought of contrast ratios, Both LCD and DLP projector technologies allow one to experience vibrant, rich, deep color and a film like theater experience in the comfort of their own home or apartment.

The portability, brightness, and incredible sharp detail of the current digital projectors allow stunning business presentations and multimedia displays and graphics. With a clear crisp look that says Professional with a capital P, modern projectors can interface with your laptop or even your cell phone for total on the go integration.

HD Digital Projectors also represent a new frontier for gamers. With the versatility and connectivity offered by many projectors, gamers have the chance to re-discover their old favorites and explore the challenge of new titles with huge, sharp and fast HD projector graphics. The size and detail of the projection adds a total immersion factor to great X-box Live, PS3 or Wii titles.

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